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Dimple Toys LLC. is a unique toy company that produces fun, educational, and therapeutic toy products for both children and people of all ages. All of which help develop fine motor skills and basic memorization. 
For every Dimple Toy, there is a smile! :)

About the Inventor:

As a child, Inventor and CEO, Adam Ochrimenko had a passion for toys and learning on his own. His creativity was apparent at a very young age, always building toys and coming up with new ideas throughout his life. 
It was not until he had his own children though, that the inspiration for PUSHINZ™ came to fruition. 
Adam created PUSHINZ™ to help stimulate brain development and improve both children and older adults fine motor skills. 
PUSHINZ™ facilitate growth and brain development by utilizing various human senses. PUSHINZ™ allows yourself or a loved one to practice self-soothing, self-care, self-stimulation, and self-education. 
PUSHINZ™ stick to almost all surfaces, including stainless steel, granite, tile, porcelain, and glass. PUSHINZ™ are also waterproof and great in the bath or shower. 
For Adam, personally it was frustrating for him to see children living their early years through a mobile phone or electronic device; PUSHINZ™ was inspired by that frustration. 
Now, children and people of all ages can be engaged in playtime or downtime mindfully, so their imaginative expression and creativity can be stimulated in a healthy way. 


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